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House Hydrant V1

Our original award-winning freezeproof wall hydrant. Water flow starts instantly when you connect, and the system drains automatically every time you unplug. Perfect for most remodels and retrofit installations.  Specification Sheet

House Hydrant V1+

Freezeproof stainless steel wall hydrant. Best hydrant for retrofits (replacing your existing spigot). Can also be used for new construction; ASSE & CSA approved. Includes one vacuum-breaker hose connector.  V1+ Specification Sheet  V1+ Size Guide

House Hydrant V2+

Wall hydrant w/ vacuum breaker. Recommended for new construction but can be retrofitted. Freeze-proof and ASSE approved for all 50 states. Each kit includes one straight hose connector.  V2+ Specification Sheet  V2+ Size Guide See Matte Black Stainless version.

House Hydrant V2+ Matte Black

In-wall outdoor faucet system w/ vacuum breaker.  Matte black titanium PVD coating applied for a striking appearance and additional corrosion protection.  Matching debris cover included. Includes Jet Black hose connector.  V2+ Specification Sheet  V2+ Size Guide