Delrin: A Superior Material, Which Happens To Be Plastic

Consumer plastics often have a bad reputation for being cheap, unreliable materials. Although that may be true in some cases, not all plastics are created equal. Several high-grade plastics are used in demanding engineering applications, including Delrin acetal resin. 


What is Delrin Plastic?

Delrin, also known as acetal resin, is an engineered thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high wear resistance. Delrin is a popular industrial plastic due to its manufacturability and advantages over other plastics and metals. 


Aquor straight connector Delrin


Properties of Delrin

Delrin possesses several properties that make it ideal for mechanical applications and the material of choice for metal part replacement:

  • High strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, and overall durability 
  • Low friction and wear resistance
  • High fatigue and creep resistance—resists cracks and material deformation from mechanical stress over time 
  • Chemical resistances against fuels and solvents, such as gas 
  • Low moisture absorption, allowing effective operation in wet environments 
  • Temperature toughness


Delrin Renewable Attributed (RA) base polymer is produced from 100% bio-feedstock from waste

Delrin is often used to replace metal.


Aquor Angled Connector with Vehicle

Aquor connectors can withstand 200+ pounds of lateral force—they won’t break if you tug on them.


Considering all of these beneficial properties, it’s no surprise that manufacturers use Delrin for various high-load mechanical applications. Here are examples of industrial use cases for Delrin plastics:

  • Heavy load-bearing gears in vehicles
  • Fuel system elements
  • Valve and pump components for gas/oil
  • Safety restraints
  • Conveyor belt parts
  • Medical devices


Delrin is the material of choice for plastic gears in e-bike motors


Delrin is the material of choice for plastic gears in e-bike motors.


The Niagara Foot is an affordable, high-performance prosthetic foot

The Niagara Foot is a high-performance prosthetic composed of Delrin.


How Aquor uses Delrin

Aquor selected the heavy-duty plastic to create hose connectors based on its low friction nature, high wear resistance, and effectiveness in wet conditions.

We put our system to the test by having a machine repeatedly plug and unplug our connector under pressure. Aquor connectors can last over 150,000 cycles!



It doesn’t end there… watch this 8,000 pound forklift run over an Aquor connector. Talk about durability!




Angled Hose Connector

The Angled Connector makes connecting to your House Hydrant easier than ever. The downturn angled handle provides extra leverage over our standard straight hose connector. Perfect for higher water pressures, or anyone with arthritis or joint pain. Water flow turns on instantly, so you’ll want to use it with a garden hose (you can attach a ball valve if needed).
Comfort Grip Hose Connector for Aquor with Vacuum-Breaker

Comfort Grip Hose Connector w/VB

Complete your Aquor system with the Comfort Grip Hose Connector for backflow protection. Downturned angle for ease of use and integrated ball valve for flow control. Use with or without a garden hose. ASSE 1019 & CSA B125 certified. • Angled for easier leverage • Standard 3/4″ garden hose thread • Built-in ball valve for flow control • Vacuum-breaker for backflow prevention • ASSE 1019 & CSA B125 certified

Hose Connector

Use additional connectors to expand the functionality of your Aquor system. Easily swap between hoses and nozzles in seconds, even under full water pressure. Attach Aquor connectors to all of your accessories and never deal with brass threads again. • Use with any garden hose • Standard 3/4″ garden hose thread • Instant water on/off

Removable Faucet Hose Connector

The Aquor removable faucet makes connecting to your House Hydrant easier than ever. You can use the removable faucet with or without a garden hose attached. Water flow can be regulated via the ball valve shut-off, for tasks such as filling buckets or adjusting sprinkler pressure. The 70° angled handle provides extra leverage for an easier connection.

Wide Grip Hose Connector w/ VB

Hose connector with backflow preventer. Ideal for Hydrant V1, V1+, Ground Hydrants, and Deckwash Outlets. NOT for V2+ or RV inlet. • Attach to any garden hose • Built-in vacuum breaker for backflow prevention • ASSE 1019 & CSA B125 approved Note: This hose connector contains a vacuum-breaker. If using with our Hydrant V2+ or RV inlet, we recommend a non-VB hose connector.

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