Our mission is simple:
Create a better way to access water.

While plumbing and homebuilding products have vastly improved over the last few decades, the most common source of leaks (the outdoor tap) has remained unchanged for over 100 years. We set out to create a device that was not only more efficient, but also easier to use and more durable too.

The Aquor Story.

The House Hydrant was adapted from a patented marine deck wash outlet that was first developed in 1999. On boats, features like the flush-mounted faceplate and twist-lock connection were especially important to prevent injuries and water leaks.
As the deck wash outlet grew in popularity, we realized just how reliable the twist-lock connection was. It could withstand harsh saltwater conditions and frequent use for years with nearly zero maintenance, while still being easier to use than a standard threaded hose connection.
In 2014, we began adapting the outlet for use on homes. Our goal was to create the ultimate “no-compromise” hose bib; one that was easier to use, more durable, more eco-friendly, and better looking than anything on the market.
Key design elements such as the stainless steel body and flush-mount design were transferred over from the marine version, and features such as freeze protection and automatic drainage were added for homes. After consulting with dozens of plumbers, homebuilders, and engineers, we’ve managed to create a water access point that performs unlike any other.


We started Aquor at the University of Washington and have been on a mission to change how people access their water ever since.
At Aquor, our goal is to create beautiful, efficient products that you’ll actually enjoy using.

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