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Ultralight Garden Hose, 50 ft

Easy to use, easy to carry, and made to last – these high-performance lightweight garden hoses are the perfect sidekick to your House Hydrant. Their unbelievably light weight and superior flexibility make them exceptionally easy to engage with the Aquor twist-lock connection. High-tech polyurethane is about 75% lighter than traditional rubber, yet is more durable and kink-free.

90° Elbow Inlet

Replaces standard straight inlet with a 90° elbow. Shortens overall length of hydrant by 1/2". Includes stainless steel valve reset spring. Positionable. 316L stainless steel. Compatible with all Aquor hydrants and outlets except ground hydrants.

Mounting Block

For a faster & better-weatherproofed installation. No more rough-cut cedar blocks or labor-intensive flashing on the job site. Tough fiber cement block will last decades. Use the pre-flashed flange for new construction (flash to your WRB), or use the removable fiber cement block insert for retrofits.  Specification Sheet NOTE: Due to coronavirus, our fiber-cement supplier here in the US has unfortunately stopped accepting new orders. We have extremely limited inventory, but are working hard to provide an even better product soon. Thank you for your patience and support!