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Project Highlights: Matt Risinger Partners with Aquor

Matt Risinger, host of the Build Show, has been partnering with Aquor Water Systems to introduce builders, architects, plumbers and homeowners to a better outdoor faucet.

Based in Austin, Texas, Matt has become a nationally recognized expert in building science and high performance construction. Matt and his team strive to build architecturally driven homes that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship, durability, efficiency and comfort. In other words, Matt’s the perfect fit for Aquor!


A frost-free hose bib that actually looks good too! Matt compares Aquor’s modern outdoor faucet to the standard sillcock. Don’t forget to install a PEX maintenance loop for simple servicing if you can!


Replace your old, leaky hose bib and avoid freezing pipes (plus ugly foam covers) with Aquor’s sleek stainless steel hydrant. Matt goes over the faucet retrofit process and explains why he prefers Aquor hydrants over traditional hose bibs.


Stealthy hose bibs… Matt explains new build install steps for an Aquor V2+ hydrant along with some helpful tips and tricks. It’s all about that seal.


After record breaking freezing temps in Texas, Matt visits Matt Carriker’s Abandoned Mansion Project. How is Matt Carriker plumbing his house and preparing for future harsh weather conditions? Aquor’s hydrants are involved of course.


Matt stops by 12 Fires Winery in Johnson City to chat with builder Adam Harrison from Jack Harrison Enterprises. Adam is in the process of constructing the winery’s tasting room and gives Matt a tour of his progress. Adam is installing matte black hydrants onto the Shou sugi ban siding—wood cladding that has been heat-treated with an open flame. This process enhances the wood’s longevity by increasing its resistance to fire, insects and fungi.


Matt and his family move into their freshly renovated home early! We get a tour of the interior and a peek of Matt’s new matte black V2+ hydrant. Snazzy!


See what Matt’s up to on The Build Show.

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House Hydrant V2+

Wall hydrant w/ vacuum breaker. Recommended for new construction but can be retrofitted. Freeze-proof and ASSE approved for all 50 states. Each kit includes one straight hose connector.  V2+ Specification Sheet  V2+ Size Guide See Matte Black Stainless version.

Stainless Steel Debris Cover – V2+

Replaces hydrant debris cover and wedge with heavy-duty brushed stainless steel. Adjustable friction hinge. Simply remove hydrant faceplate screws to install, water does not need to be shut off for replacement.  Specification Sheet

Ultralight Garden Hose, 50 ft

Easy to use, easy to carry, and made to last – these high-performance lightweight garden hoses are the perfect sidekick to your House Hydrant. Their unbelievable light weight and superior flexibility make them exceptionally easy to engage with the Aquor twist-lock connection. High-tech polyurethane is about 75% lighter than traditional rubber, yet is more durable and kink-free. Also available in 6', 25', and 100' lengths.

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