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Project Highlights: Ameri-Can Restroom & Shower Trailers


Does anyone enjoy using portable toilets?

That’s a rhetorical question…

Unless you’ve experienced Ameri-Can‘s luxury commercial and event restroom and shower trailers.


Ameri-Can's Restroom Trailer

One of many Ameri-Can Restroom Trailer models.  Image: Ameri-Can Engineering


Ameri-Can has been crafting custom trailers in Northern Indiana for over 30 years, offering several types of trailers, with different floor plans available–from restrooms, to showers, to combination trailers, to laundry trailers, there’s an option for just about any scenario.


Ameri-Can Shower Trailer Floor Plan

Ameri-Can Shower Trailer floor plan.


Their trailers have been built for a variety of applications, including movie sets, outdoor concerts and festivals, refineries, and disaster relief sites.

Cleaning the trailers after heavy use can be a time consuming task, so Ameri-Can installed 30 Aquor hydrants as a quick solution to wash down a client’s restroom trailers after service.

Aquor provided professional-grade washdown outlets installed in front of each unit for instant hose hookups.

Ideal for marine vessels, campers, RVs, overland vehicles, storage tanks, and DIY applications, the leak-proof Universal Outlet was an obvious choice. The low-profile, flush-mounted, steel hydrants prevent snagging hazards, leaks, and vandalism.


Aquor’s leak-proof, steel Universal Outlet

Aquor’s leak-proof, steel Universal Outlet.


Simply plug the hose connector in and go.

After an event, the restroom trailers can be hosed off using the trailers’ own supply of water, eliminating the need to bring in an outside washing source.

With Ameri-Can’s toilets, sinks, and showers seeing heavy use, an efficient post event cleanup strategy is necessary.


Ameri-Can Shower Trailer

Aquor’s Universal Outlet is conveniently installed on the front of Ameri-Can Shower Trailers.

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