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Getting Started With Your Aquor House Hydrant: Tips for Use

Congratulations! You’re one step closer to accessing water in style and with ease. Keep these simple tips in mind when using your House Hydrant for a smooth, satisfying experience.

  1. Start with your wrist turned a little counter-clockwise before engaging. Imagine you are about to wring a towel.
  2. Insert the connector perfectly straight to prevent sprays. Make sure all 3 grooves catch when you start twisting.
  3. When you disconnect, the House Hydrant will self-drain. This is normal (and necessary to prevent freezing).
  4. The connector has an internal one-way valve, so you can bring garden hoses inside without it dripping. (Drain if left outside.)
  5. Releasing built-up water pressure solves many issues. If you have a nozzle attached to your garden hose, try opening it while you connect or disconnect.


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