Announcement: House Hydrant V1+ now available in Canada

Aquor Water Systems announces that its award-winning modern hose bib, the House Hydrant V1+, will be available in Canada starting January 1, 2020.

SEATTLE, Wash. — December, 2019 — Aquor Water Systems® is partnering with OS&B®, an Ontario manufacturer and distributor of plumbing products, making the House Hydrant V1+ readily accessible in Canada. The sleek, innovative V1+ will be available for purchase through bronte™ Collection, a selection of distinctive, trendsetting brands with an unparalleled reputation in the Canadian marketplace.

“BronteCollection offers products of superior craftsmanship and exceptional quality — Aquor wall hydrants were a perfect match,” said Kristy Bell, bronte Collection manager at OS&B®. “By adding Aquor to our portfolio, we now offer a solution that stands out from the rest.”

The Aquor® House Hydrant is the first leak-proof, modernized stainless steel outdoor faucet to be introduced into the home building market. Aquor eliminates concerns about freezing pipes near outdoor water access points, significantly outperforming comparable brass sillcocks. As soon as the House Hydrant is disconnected, the outlet automatically seals, drains, and winterizes.

The efficient new House Hydrant V1+ includes an upgraded hose connector with a vacuum-breaker, which provides CSA-approved backflow prevention. The V1+ hydrant body and internals are composed of marine-grade 316L stainless steel, a 100% lead-free material that protects pipes significantly better than brass. It is available in multiple lengths to match wall depth, and includes a thermoplastic debris cover, with the option to switch in a brushed stainless or black titanium cover. This model is ideal for both new construction as well as retrofits with a simple installation process and universal 1/2″ NPT inlet.

The key to Aquor’s system is their hose connector, a durable polymer attachment that screws onto any garden hose. Once attached to the hose, it can be plugged into the hydrant in less than a second. Made with heavy-duty acetal resin and high-performance Viton® O-rings, the commercial-grade hose connector is rated for over 150,000 cycles as part of the CSA B125 approval test. An industry-leading 5/10 year limited warranty covers every part of the system, and guarantees it will not leak or drip.

University of Washington graduates, Cash Walcome and Kamil Slusarski, adapted Aquor​ from the marine market ​after realizing how much room for improvement existed in residential hose bibs. “When we started Aquor, Cash and I had one goal in mind: change the way people access water outdoors, and make something people actually enjoy using. We feel like we’ve been able to do that and we’re very proud of our products,” said Slusarski. The original Aquor valve, formerly known under the New Found Metals name, has been installed on thousands of marine vessels worldwide annually since 1999.


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Founded in 2014, Aquor Water Systems® manufactures revolutionary outdoor faucets and water connectors for residential, commercial, and marine use. Aquor has been featured in ​This Old House, Builder Magazine​, ​Inc. Magazine, Popular Mechanics, and Men’s Journal. Aquor received the 2015 & 2018 National Association of Homebuilders Best Outdoor Product Award​. For more information about Aquor, visit​.

About OS&B®

Founded in 1975, OS&B® is a leading manufacturer and distributor of plumbing products. Located in Oakville Ontario, OS&B® is Canada’s largest manufacturer and distributor of lavatory drains, tubs, showers, and bath wastes, among a variety of other plumbing parts. OS&B® services the wholesale and retail industries. The company also manufactures for and supplies to some of the largest OEM brands in the world, offering in-house product design and testing in order to address specific needs and requirements. OS&B® has earned a reputation for making innovative and high quality products available at competitive prices. For more information about OS&B® visit

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Bronte is a thriving coastal community located in Oakville on the shores of beautiful Lake Ontario. This community is the birthplace and location of the new Collection, which offers distinctive, trendsetting brands with an unparalleled reputation in the Canadian marketplace. Meet the bronteCollection at The Buildings Show, KBIS, and CMPX. For more information about bronteCollection, visit

4 thoughts on “Announcement: House Hydrant V1+ now available in Canada

  1. Paul says:

    Can this be used on brick wall?

    1. Aquor Water Systems says:

      Hi Paul,

      Certainly! We have many homeowners installing on brick exteriors. If the brick is particularly brittle or crumbles easily, consider using one of our optional stainless steel mounting plates. They space out the mounting points further from the entry hole, and make it easier to secure to the wall. Another tip is using specialized fasteners — we include stainless steel #10 mounting screws, but they are intended for wood. Using fasteners specifically intended for brick can sometimes be helpful.

      If you have any questions or would like more details, feel free to give us a call or email!

  2. Gary says:

    Is there someone in this service to replace my faucet for me?

    1. Aquor Water Systems says:

      Yes! We have a list of professional installers we recommend. Find one near you on our map here: Find an Aquor PRO Installer

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