Install Tips

9 Helpful Hydrant Tips & Tricks

Congratulations! You’re on your way to having quick, easy water access. Here are a handful of helpful hydrant tips and tricks.

It’s time to install.
  • If enlarging an existing hole, try cutting a dowel of the appropriate size to use as a guide for the hole saw.
  • Our elbow inlets can be rotated up to 360 degrees.
  • Place the debris cover gasket *behind* the hydrant faceplate for proper drainage and automatic winterization.
  • Use a low speed setting or a hand screwdriver to avoid stripping the fasteners.
  • Do NOT put teflon tape between the hydrant threading and the inlet. Teflon tape should only be used between the inlet and the piping connection.
Let’s get water!
  • Keep the hose connector attached to your hose—you won’t lose your connector unless you misplace your entire hose!
  • Connect straight-on to avoid snagging the connector O-rings on the hydrant nibs.
  • Unplug your hose after use.
  • Lubricating the rubber Viton O-Rings on the connector (recommended once per year) can help it last longer—use petroleum jelly or an O-Ring specific lubricant.

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Comfort Grip Hose Connector for Aquor with Vacuum-Breaker

Comfort Grip Hose Connector w/VB

Complete your Aquor system with the Comfort Grip Hose Connector for backflow protection. Downturned angle for ease of use and integrated ball valve for flow control. Use with or without a garden hose. ASSE 1019 & CSA B125 certified. • Angled for easier leverage • Standard 3/4″ garden hose thread • Built-in ball valve for flow control • Vacuum-breaker for backflow prevention • ASSE 1019 & CSA B125 certified
Aquor Stainless Steel Debris Cover for V1, V1+ Hydrants

Stainless Steel Debris Cover – V1

Replaces hydrant debris cover and wedge with heavy-duty brushed stainless steel. Can be replaced without shutting off water, simply remove the hydrant faceplate screws to install.  Specification Sheet

Ultralight Garden Hose, 100 ft

Easy to use, easy to carry, and made to last – these high-performance lightweight garden hoses are the perfect sidekick to your House Hydrant. Their unbelievable light weight and superior flexibility make them exceptionally easy to engage with the Aquor twist-lock connection. High-tech polyurethane is about 75% lighter than traditional rubber, yet is more durable and kink-free. Also available in 6', 25', and 50' lengths.

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